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Open themes

  • Research data management along the phases of the information life cycle in medical and health oriented applications

    Data from medical and health oriented applications are by nature complex and difficult to manage for its proper later reuse. Especially because they have an extensive volume, are heterogeneous and complex interlinked, composed through constituents that are distributed deposited. The value of this research data from the perspective of long-term preservation could only be ensured through the extensive data management along the phases creation, assembling, archiving, adoption, and reuse that the data is undergo during its life-span (cf. Figure 1 and [BKJH10]).

    For instance recent studies in the field of bioinformatics indicates the frequent drawbacks through irreproducibility of research results in the application of biotechnological applications like e.g. in the exploitation of research results in cancer care (cf. [BE12]). This fact imply not approvable research results that either makes research results unusable or lead to high costs before result utilization.

    To address mentioned drawbacks and enabling extensive research data reuse, several requirements along the life cycle phases are needed to be addressed. This is among others the data provenance management, enrichment, packaging, archival, certification, access and dissemination of research data in conformance to ISO 14721:2012 (open archival information systems, OAIS, cf. [CCSDS12]). Important topics and technologies with respect to the above addressed requirements are among others: semantic web, bigdata analysis, processing and management besides open and linked data.

    Several doctoral theses in this context will be awarded from the chair of multimedia and internet applications in cooperation with the Forschungsinstitut für Telekommunikation und Kooperation (FTK) in Dortmund and the Cork Institute of Technology (CIT) in Cork, Ireland.

    Interested and qualified persons are encouraged to get in contact with us via email to our office (Monika.Luecke@fernuni-hagen.de).


    • [BE12]: Begley, C. G., and Ellis, L. M. (2012). Drug development: Raise standards for preclinical cancer research. Nature, 483(7391), 531-533.
    • [BKJH10]: Brocks, H., Kranstedt, A., Jäschke, G., and Hemmje, M. (2010). Modeling context for digital preservation. In Smart Information and Knowledge Management (pp. 197-226). Springer Berlin Heidelberg.
    • [CCSDS12]: CCSDS: Reference model for an open archival information system (oais). Pink Book 1, Consultative Committee for Space Data Systems (2012). URL: http://public.ccsds.org/publications/archive/650x0m2.pdf, Recommendation for Space Data Systems Standards, adopted as ISO 14721:2012. Letzter Zugriff am 09.09.2015

Finished doctorates

  • MapCube: A Mobile Focus and Context Information Visualization Technique for Geographic Maps
    - Björn Werkmann (2016) [mehr]...
  • Expertensuche in semantisch integrierten Datenbeständen
    - Felix Engel (2015) [mehr]...
  • Evaluation interaktiver Informationsvisualisierung. Ist Visualisierung nützlich?
    - Andre Triebel (2012) [mehr]...
  • Wissensbasiertes und Prozessorientiertes Innovationsmanagement WPIM
    - Tobias Vogel (Juni 2012) [mehr]...
  • Long-Term Preservation of Product Lifecycle Metadata in OAIS Archives
    - Joerg Brunsmann (Maerz 2012) [mehr]...
  • Unterstützung von Information-Retrieval-Prozessen durch Informationsdialogkontext-Verwaltung
    - Paul Landwich (Januar 2012) [mehr]...
  • Ein Rahmenwerk zur Unterstützung der Entwicklung und Evolution semantisch angereicherter Webanwendungen
    - Michael Fuchs (Dezember 2010) [mehr]...
  • Zur ästhetischen Visualisierung von Information Die Zeit der Graphen
    - Dieter Meiller (August 2010) [mehr]...
  • Distributed Space Partitioning Trees and their Application in Mobile Computing
    - Dominic Heutelbeck (2005) [mehr]...