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Scalable Semantic Product Data Stream Management for Collaboration and Decision Making in Engineering

From 01. 10. 2010 until 30. 09. 2014
Contact Persons:
Sponsored by:
  • European Commission within
    the Seventh Framework Programme
Reference number:
  • 54231218
Participating Institutions:


The goal of SMART VORTEX is to provide a technological infrastructure consisting of a comprehensive suite of interoperable tools, services, and methods for intelligent management and analysis of massive data streams to achieve better collaboration and decision making in large-scale collaborative projects concerning industrial innovation engineering.

SMART VORTEX captures the tractable product data streams in the product lifecycle of design and engineering. In each phase of this lifecycle, different streams of product data are generated. Amongst other, these product data streams contain streams from sensors (data rates of Gigabytes per second), simulation, experimental, and testing data (millions of complex data sets), design data (complex and exchanged between different domains), multi-media collaboration data (heterogeneous, and high information density), and higher level inferred events generated by analyses. These data streams are produced and consumed in all phases of the product lifecycle. The large volume of data in these streams makes the detection of pertinent information a hard problem for both technological infrastructures and humans. SMART VORTEX uses a Data Stream Management System for managing, searching, annotating, analysing and performing feature extraction on these data streams.

Within the lifecycle of design and engineering projects a large number of people need to collaborate in order to achieve the individual project goals, such as bringing the next generation flat panel TV to the market before the competition does, identifying opportunities for improvements of existing products, or the maintenance of products in use. These projects are basically large distributed collaborative processes, where people from different domains of expertise and different organizations have to work together. SMART VORTEX supports these people, systems, and products with collaborative tools and decision support systems managing the constantly produced massive product data streams. SMART VORTEX ensures the efficiency and success of the collaboration by delivering the pertinent information at the right moment.


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