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Publikationen in 2016

Marco X. Bornschlegl; Andrea Manieri; Paul Walsh; Tiziana Catarci; Matthias L. Hemmje (2016).
Road Mapping Infrastructures for Advanced Visual Interfaces Supporting Big Data Applications in Virtual Research Environments. In avi:2016

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Dissertation: System-Mediated Support of Explicit Collaboration in Information Retrieval.

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IVIS4BigData: A Reference Model for Advanced Visual Interfaces Supporting Big Data Analysis in Virtual Research Environments. In workshop:avi2016

Bornschlegl, Marco X (2016).
IVIS4BigData: Qualitative Evaluation of an Information Visualization Reference Model supporting Big Data Analysis in Virtual Research Environments. In: Lecture Notes in Computer Science

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Modern Technologies to Synchronize Data Sources and Information Visualizations. In workshop:avi2016

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Matthäus Schmedding, Holger Brocks, Claus-Peter Klas, Felix Engel, Michael Fuchs, Dominic Heutelbeck,; Matthias Hemmje (2016).
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Walsh, P., Engel F., Holger B., Heutelbeck D.; Hemmje M. (2016).
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Werkmann, Björn (2016).
Dissertation: MapCube: A Mobile Focus & Context Information Visualization Technique for Geographic Maps.