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Publications in 2002

Brocks, H.; Stein, A.; Thiel, U.; Frommholz, I. ; Dirsch-Weigand, A (2002).
How to Incorporate Collaborative Discourse in Cultural Digital Libraries. In: Proceedings of the ECAI 2002 Workshop on Semantic Authoring, Annotation & Knowledge Markup (SAAKM02)). , Lyon, France.

Paolo Buono; Maria Francesca Costabile; Gerald Jaeschke; Matthias Hemmje (2002).
Analysing data trough visualizations in a web-based trade fair system. In: SEKE. ACM Press, Ischia, Italy.

Ingo Frommholz; Holger Brocks; Ulrich Thiel ; Adelheit Stein (2002).
Kontextbasiertes Retrieval unter Verwendung verknüpfter Annotationen. In: 32. GI-Jahrestagung, Informatik 2002. Springer, Heidelberg et al..

Michael Fuchs; Claudio Muscogiuri; Claudia Niederée; Matthias Hemmje (2002).
An Open Framework for Integrated Qualification Management Portals. In: DEXA Workshops

Norbert Fuhr (2002).
Daffodil: The Underlying Concepts. Talk at Tufts University

Norbert Fuhr; Claus-Peter Klas; André Schaefer ; Peter Mutschke (2002).
Daffodil: An Integrated Desktop for Supporting High-Level Search Activities in Federated Digital Libraries. In: Research and Advanced Technology for Digital Libraries. 6th European Conference, ECDL 2002. Springer, Heidelberg et al..

Dominic Heutelbeck (2002).
Context Spaces - Self-Structuring Distributed Networks for Contextual Messaging and Resource Discovery. In: CoopIS'02, Proc. of Tenth International Conference on Cooperative Information Systems.Number 2519 in LNCS. Springer Verlag, University of California Irvine, USA.

Hua, Q.; Wang, H.; Muscogiuri, C.; Niederée, C.; Hemmje, M. (2002).
A UCD Method for Modeling Software Architecture. In: 5th Asia Pacific Conference on Computer Human Interaction (APCHI 2002)

Lieming Huang; Ulrich Thiel; Matthias Hemmje; Erich Neuhold (2002).
Constraints-based Query Translation across Heterogeneous Sources for Distributed Information Retrieval. In: Q. Jin; J. Li; N. Zhang; J. Cheng; C. Yu; S. Noguchi (eds.): Enabling Society with Information Technology

Jun Ma; Matthias Hemmje (2002).
Knowledge Management Support for Cooperative Research. In: Intelligent Information Processing. Kluwer Academic Publishers, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Jun Ma; Matthias Hemmje (2002).
Knowledge Management: System Architectures, Main Functions and Implementing Techniques. In: EDCIS

Claudio Muscogiuri; Gerald Jaeschke; Aldo Paradiso; Matthias Hemmje (2002).
FAIRWIS: An Integrated System Offering Trade Fair Web-Based Information Services - An R&D Case Studyy. In: HICSS. IEEE Press, Hawaii, Big Island.

C. Muscogiuri; C. Niederée; M. Hemmje; M. Fuchs (2002).
Towards Meta-Design for E-Business: Experiences & Challenges. In: Proceedings of the Human Computer Interaction Consortium Winter Workshops (HCIC 2002)

Claudia Niederée; Claudio Muscogiuri; Matthias Hemmje (2002).
Taxonomies in Operation, Design, and Meta-Design. In: WISE Workshops

Claudia Niederée; U. Steffens; Matthias Hemmje (2002).
Towards Digital Library Mediation for Web Services. In: workshop proceedings/Homayoum, Behrouz (ed.): EurAsian conference Workshop Knowledge Foraging for Dynamic Networking of Communities and Economies (EurAsia-ICT 2002). , Shiraz, Iran.

Niederée, C.; Muscogiuri, C.; Hemmje, M. (2002).
Taxonomies in Operation, Design and Meta Design. In: The Proceedings of the International Workshop on Data Semantics in Web Informational Systems (DASWIS 2002) in conjunction with 3rd International Conference on Web Information Engineering (WISE 2002). IEEE Computer Society, Singapore.

Markus Baldschus; Daniel Becker; Christian Feist ; Sven Frankmölle; Matthias Jordan and Christian Kruse; Igor Kufershteyn; Ingo Roderfeld; Christoph Szoltysik; Alexej Titarenko; Alexander Weber; Arthur Zalewski (2002).
PADDLE: Personal Adaptive Digital Library Environment. Bericht , Universität Dortmund, Dortmund

Ulrich Thiel; Holger Brocks; Andrea Dirsch-Weigand; Jürgen Keiper; Adelheit Stein (2002).
A Collaborative Archive Supporting Research on European Historic Film - The COLLATE Project. In: Proceedings of the DLM-Forum 2002. @ccess and Preservation of Electronic Information: Best Practices and Solutions

Xiangchuan Wang; Gerald Jaeschke; Matthias Hemmje (2002).
Design of a Service-Based Framework for Generic 3D Information Visualization. In: 3DPVT. IEEE Computer Society, Padova, Italy.


Norbert Fuhr (2002).
Daffodil: The Underlying Concepts. Talk at Tufts University