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Publications in 2001

Holger Brocks; Ulrich Thiel; Adelheit Stein; Andrea Dirsch-Weigand (2001).
Customizable Retrieval Functions Based on User Tasks in the Cultural Heritage Domain. In: Constantopoulos, P.; S\olvberg, I.T. (eds.):

Brocks, Holger; Dirsch-Weigand, Andrea; Keiper, Jürgen ; Stein, Adelheit; Thiel, Ulrich (2001).
COLLATE Historische Filmforschung in einem verteilten Annotationssystem im WWW. In: R. Schmidt (ed.): Information Research & Content Management - Orientierung, Ordnung und Organisation im Wissensmarkt. Proceedings der 23. DGI-Online-Tagung 20011

Buono, P.; Costabile, M.F.; Hemmje, M.; Jaeschke, G.; Muscogiuri, C. (2001).
Providing On-line Trade Fair Services with FAIRWIS. In: D'Atri, A., Solvberg, A., Willcocks, L. (ed.): OES-SEO 2001, Open Enterprise Solutions: Systems, Experiences and Organization. , Rome, Italy.

Buono, P.; Costabile, M.; D'Atri, A.; Hemmje, M.; Jaeschke, G.; Muscogiuri, C.; Pauselli, E.; Barbini, F. (2001).
FAIRWIS: A System for Improving On-line Trade Fair Services. In: The eBuisness and eWork Conference (E2001). , Venice, Italy.

Norbert Fuhr; Norbert Gövert; Claus-Peter Klas (2001).
Recommendation in a Collaborative Digital Library Environment. Technical Report, University of Dortmund, Germany

N. Fuhr; C.-P. Klas (2001).
Combining RDF and Agent-Based Architectures for Semantic Interoperability in Digital Libraries. In DELOS-Interoperability:01

Lieming Huang; Ulrich Thiel; Matthias Hemmje; Erich J. Neuhold (2001).
Adaptive Web Meta-search Enhanced by Constraint-Based Query Constructing and Mapping. In: Wang, X.S.; Yu, G.; Lu, H. (eds.): WAIM. Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg.

Lieming Huang; Ulrich Thiel; Matthias Hemmje; Erich J. Neuhold (2001).
Adaptively constructing the query interface for meta-search engines. In: Intelligent User Interfaces

Lieming Huang; Ulrich Thiel; Matthias Hemmje; Erich J. Neuhold (2001).
Distributed Information Search with Adaptive Meta-Search Engines. In: CAiSE

Huang, L.; Thiel, U.; Hemmje, M.; Neuhold, E. (2001).
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Jürgen Keiper; Holger Brocks; Andrea Dirsch-Weigand and Adelheit Stein; Ulrich Thiel (2001).
COLLATE - A Web-Based Collaboratory for Content-Based Access to and Work with Digitized Cultural Material. In: D. Bearman; F. Garzotti (eds.): Proceedings of the International Cultural Heritage Informatics Meeting (ICHIM '01)

Ma, J.; Hemmje, M. (2001).
Developing Knowledge Management Systems Step by Step. In: Remenyi, D. (ed.): The 2nd European Conference on Knowledge Management. MCIL Reading University Press, Bled, Slovenia.

Peter Mutschke (2001).
Enhancing Information Retrieval in Federated Bibliographic Data Sources Using Author Network Based Stratagems. In: Reserach and Advanced Technology for Digital Libraries: 5th European Conference, ECDL 2001, Darmstadt, Germany, September 4-9, 2001; Proceedings, Lecture Notes in Computer Science; 2163. Springer, Heidelberg et al..

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Open Archive Initiative, Publishers and Scientific Societies: Future of Publishing - Next Generation Publishing Models. In: ECDL

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Zhanzi Qiu; Matthias Hemmje; Erich J. Neuhold (2001).
Using Hypertext Composites in Structured Query and Search. In: EC-Web. Springer, Munich, Germany.